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Total Wipeout - Complete Series 5 DVD Box Set
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Total Wipeout - Complete Series 5 DVD Box Set

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Total Wipeout - Complete Series 5 DVD Box Set

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play.

It s back! And by that we don't mean just hosts Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram.

Total Wipeout the complete series 5- This series sees the biggest overhaul of obstacles in the history of the show, including the Unfair Stairs and the Time Tunnel hoops which send contestants flying. Squirty Wirty hoses have been added to the Sucker Punch turning contestants all shades of blue, green, red and brown and the Shapeshifter stands between the painted competitors and the finish podium. The Big Red Balls are still big red and ball-like, but the demotivator provides new inspiration for those dawdling on the ramp. Contestants now face Double Cross in the second round - a dastardly concoction of spinning gangways, spinning sweeper arms and a whole world of pain. The first six across it qualify for the penultimate round - Terror-Go-Round. This sees the competitors attempt to stay on a spinning cone whilst all manner of things are thrown, swept and chucked at them by the Terror Twins. The last three standing go through to the terrifying Wipeout Zone. Who will end up bruised, battered and dripping wet? Who will be going back to the UK bruised, battered, dripping wet and happy, having pocketed ten thousand pounds and paid excess baggage fees to carry home the Total Wipeout Trophy? 

DVD 1 Swimming the English Channel... climbing Mount Everest... finding the Holy Grail... all are footnotes on the list of challenges that man has faced compared to the ultimate challenge of challenges crossing the Big Red Balls on the Total Wipeout course. Many warriors (as ordinary British folk are known in these parts) have journeyed to the purpose-built course in Argentina, endured the punishment that the Qualifier unleashes, the horror that is Amanda Byram pointing and laughing from the side of the course and the terror that is being given a humiliating nickname by Richard Hammond. But will today prove to be the day that the Big Red Balls are once again conquered? Not likely, but you never know. Trying their hardest are a slightly overexcited trainee Maths teacher in pyjamas, a Rastafarian postman and Jean from Hadlow in Kent. She s an aging rocker. Sounds like another low-key line-up of contestants, but one is a guaranteed winner and will be trousering a cheque for £10,000 with the added bonus of being able to call themselves Total Wipeout champion.

DVD 2 Eighty foolhardy Brits return to the scenes of their Total Wipeout crimes of previous series in The Last Chance Saloon . Some come to defeat the course that beat them so comprehensively last time around, some come with grudges against each other and all of them want to do better than last time around. We say welcome back to favourites from the previous four series such as Man Mountain Syed, Rock God John and Total Wipeout s most famous couple Charlardo . We also witness the welcome return of Total Wipeout Record Holder Bouncy Jill - will she manage to better her own record of the slowest time ever recorded on the Qualifier? Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram are on hand to pass comment on the efforts of the returning contestants and just occasionally, laugh along with us at their attempts to cross the Big Red Balls.

DVD 3 Total Wipeout, the biggest, brashest and most exhausting game show on television is back for more bangs, bumps and bruises. This week sees the return of the finalists from across the series to compete for the ultimate title that of Series Champion Plus there s more, after 9 weeks of crashing, smashing, pummelling, bouncing, black eyes, bruised egos and colourful language... and that s just what happened to Richard Hammond & Amanda Byram... Total Wipeout Season 5 reaches its swansong, with no swans and very little singing, in Total Wipeout The Awards.

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