Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII 13 Game PS3

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Age 16+ Teen M Classification

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At first I did not like Final Fantasy 13 at all, due to the rather unusual combat, but soon got hooked on the story. Compared to Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 13-2 was a huge step towards the better with a lot of choices on which "stages" to play next. Final Fnatasy 13 Lightning Returns (13-3) tries to take this even one step further by making it sort of open world. There are several zones that let you move around more freely and do quests as you please. You can switch between areas whenever you feel like completing something else first and always come back later to where you were before. This delivers a fresh and new experience and at the same time the game does not come short on story at all. Each zone features encounters with old characters and progresses a different part of the story of Lightnings quest to save as many souls as possible. However here comes the only negative part about the game. Final Fantasy Lightning returns features daytimes, and every day at 6 o'clock it is being checked how many souls you saved. You only have a limited time in the game and time tends to progress rather fast. I therefore felt pushed at times to progress faster and skipped on much of the exploring I would otherwhise have done. Conclusively, the game is a must play for everyone who has played 13 and 13-2, but nevertheless feels like a step down from Final Fantasy 13-2 and it just feels a little bit like the Franchise is being milked.


September 15th 2014

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